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cooking Articles

Steak cut in half in cast iron pan

Cast Iron Cooking: Discovering the Wonders of A Versatile Cooking Tool

If you are a home chef who has a knack for trying new recipes and cooking in ways that leave your friends, family, and guests licking their fingers...
Holiday rib roast beef

Holiday Roasts: Choosing and Preparing the Perfect Cut for Holiday Entertaining

If you said you don’t know your meat or struggle with choosing the perfect cut, you wouldn’t be alone. A great majority of people, working 9-5, hav...
Prime Beef Cuts from The Flying Butcher

Mastering Prime Beef: Essential Tips for Success

Prime beef represents the pinnacle of quality in the meat world, cherished by chefs and food enthusiasts alike. Its rich marbling and superior text...
Lamb Lollipop Chops

Savor the Flavor: Expert Tips for Selecting and Preparing Lamb Cuts

As the sun sets and the grill heats up, the air fills with anticipation and the rich aroma of cooking meat. There's an art to choosing and prep...
Braised meat stew

The Amateur Chef’s Guide To Braising

Just bask in the magnificence of braising and lose yourself in the tantalizing flavors that take you on a journey beyond this world! Cooking is su...
Steaks on grill fire

The Science of Meat: Understanding Maillard Reaction for Better Grilling and Roasting

Discover the science behind the transformation of flavor on a steak and how to perfect your roasting and grilling with your newfound knowledge.